Photo: Flint & Denbigh Mounted Games Senior A team winning East Cheshire Friendly, 17th April

Riding & Road Safety Badges and Tests

Could ALL members hoping to take Pony Club Tests this year please ensure they have the correct R&R Badge or Test. It can be really disappointing at camp or if you have prepared for a test and find you are unable to try as you do not have the correct R&R badge.

  • Mini R&R Badge is required before D & D+ Tests
  • Main Achievement Badge before C Test and R&R Test before C+ Riding.
Iona has checked the database and there are 21 members who need Mini R&R if they are hoping to take D or D+ Tests and 50 members who need the Main Achievement Badge or Test before taking C or C+ Tests. If you are unsure please email Iona ( and she will check if you need to upgrade the Badge you already have.
Dates for all the Badges and Tests will be on the next Fixture List. Please let Iona know now if you want to be added to the list. Spaces are limited, so it is a first-come-first-served basis.

Tetrathlon Dates

The following are the Area 5 or Wales & Borders Tetrathlon dates for the summer. It is also worth looking out for Area 4, 7, 9 and 10 events as some of those will be within reasonable travelling distance for some people.

  • Sat 7 May Cheshire Hunt North ODE to make the Denbigh Triathlon into a Tetrathlon
  • 4 & 5 June Junior Regionals at Morton Morrell. By invitation to be part of the Wales & Borders Team. If you are interested and haven’t told Karen Barrow then do so now.
  • 11 & 12 June Mini Regional Competition at Kelso. A super friendly event and an excellent introduction to the larger world of tetrathlon. Open to all of the younger competitors. Please speak to Penny if you need more information, or if you are going (
  • 9 & 10 July Area Tetrathlon at Warwick. Classes for absolutely everyone, from pre-mini to wrinkly. With Areas 4 and 7. The qualifier for the championships for Junior, Intermediate and Open but also an excellent event in its own right. Stabling and camping available locally.
  • 6 & 7 August Intermediate Regionals in North Yorkshire. By invitation to be part of the Wales & Borders Team. If you are interested then tell Karen Barrow now.
  • 11 – 14 August Championships at Bishop Burton, Hull. For Juniors, Intermediate and Open who have qualified at the Area Competition. A truly amazing event with riders from all over the country and a full up, challenging course. Stabling and camping provided on site.

Information about many of these can be found on the Pony Club website, under ‘Disciplines’ and then  ‘Tetrathlon’.

Tanatside Horse & Dog Show

Sunday 5th June – see attached schedule for more details.

Mounted Games Results – East Cheshire Friendly

The mounted games teams were on a surface for the third time this season due to waterlogging at the original venue. So off they went to Southview on 17th April, and it was well worth the trip for the Senior A team of Sophie, Eden, Heledd, Lois and Alex; who won their second competition of the season! A lovely birthday present for their trainer Chrissie.

The Senior B team of Gwenan, Katie, Ellie, Twm and Eleanore finished in 12th behind some tough competition but showing good improvements; and the Junior team of Isabella, Cari, Daisy and Twm finished in 9th place.


Mounted Games Results – Sir WWW Friendly

And finally the weather was good enough to get onto grass this weekend for the first 2-day mounted games competition. Some headed over to Wem on the Friday night and spent a very chilly night in tents and lorries!

The Senior A team of Lois, Heledd, Eden and Sophie (with Alex joining on Sunday) had mixed results on the first day, but finished 7th in the first session and 5th in the second, and lay in 6th place overall at the end of the first day. They finished in 5th place in the third session meaning they stayed at 6th overall, and qualified for the A final. Unfortunately there were a few costly mistakes in the final, so they finished joint 4th and lost the tie break. So not as good as last weekend, but they were up against some very tough competition.

The Senior B team of Ellie, Twm, Katie and Gwenan had a challenging weekend with some of their ponies being very happy to be outside. They rode brilliantly and coped well when their ponies didn’t always do as they were asked! They were in the B final and finished in 4th place.

The Junior team of Will, Isabella, Daisy, Cari and Abbie really enjoyed their weekend away, rode well and should be very proud of their 3rd place in the B final.