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Week 7 July 2020

Cancelled: Rally 9th July I am REALLY SORRY to have to cancel the Rally this Thursday. I was looking forward to seeing you all. I am hoping that we can go ahead next week if they change the rules in Wales on Thursday/Friday of...

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Week 16 June 2020

Tack Check Guide for Rallies Attached is a tack check guide for parents as instructors will not be able to get up close and personal: Tack Check guide for parents before Rallies It would be best to come tacked up where possible,...

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Week 9 June 2020

Rally Rules – COVID-19 As you may know, everyone can officially ride again and we very much hope that our members are enjoying riding and being out in the fresh air with their ponies. As we are in Wales we are not yet able...

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Week 26 May 2020

Pony Club CEO Update – 22nd May Please note some of this guidance applies only to England. Dear Members, families, volunteers and staff, This week there has been much excitement around getting our horses and ponies fit. I...

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Week 19 May 2020

Pony Club Badges If members would like to study towards any of the Pony Club Badges, please let me know and I can send you the syllabus. When we are free to meet up again, soon I hope, we will assess you on that badge. Art...

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Week 12 May 2020

Update from Bethan We recently had a branch meeting and have decided that we will be putting in some virtual competitions for our members. Hopefully we can also set up a quiz for all of you. If the lock down eases we are also...

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