Local Lockdown Covid-19 Restrictions

  • We are trying to continue running rallies and training in each county during the local lockdown. This is not always possible due to a lack of suitable venues.
  • It is vital that we all adhere to local lockdown rules during this very strange time.
  • As the law stands, members can only participate in same county events, if you live in Denbighshire the event must be in Denbighshire, if you live in Flintshire the event must be in Flintshire, etc.
  • Please could parents/guardians read the COVID-19 rules which are on the website: https://www.fndponyclub.org.uk/bookings/rules-for-competitions-during-the-pandemic/
  • Only one adult to accompany a member attending rally/training. Please do not bring additional spectators to rallies/training venues.

Bethan Jones