We have continued the facility whereby you can download only those files and entry forms from the list found below that are relevant to yourselves.

Please print and keep the Contacts sheet, as it has all the latest contact details you will need and is the same list as Committee Contacts on the website.

The Booking Forms are also attached. Llandyrnog District does not use Booking Forms, please email Iona to Book In.

Plenty of rallies listed so that you can attend the 3 rallies needed for camp and teams.

Any changes or updates will appear on the Weekly, which is emailed out to all, added to the F&D Website and Facebook page every a Tuesday.

The Fixture List and Booking Forms will also be on the F&D website under Newsletters and a link will be on the Weekly News next Tuesday..  //fndponyclub.org.uk/category/weekly-update/

Any updates will be sent out on the Weekly News, which is emailed out every Tuesday. If you are not receiving the weekly please let Fran know on newsletters@fndponyclub.org.uk

Please print the Contacts Sheet as it has all the contact details you will need listed.

Dates for Cefn District and Dressage Training will be sent out separately.

If you have any questions please email me.

Many Thanks … Iona

PS Important Information for Mini Campers.

We would like to form a Mini Camp Committee to help arrange Mini Camp next year. If you would like to be involved with this, please let me know. 

Many Thanks … Iona