Osian, Lillie, Gemma, Isabelle and Gareth with Louise Shepherd at Equiti, in Cefn area’s first rally of 2017.


Pony Club membership renewal is due on 1st February 2017. Please ensure you use a renewal form, which is available on the front page of the website, NOT the new member Application Form.

Winter League Show Jumping – help required

The Flint & Denbigh Hunt Branch will be holding our Winter League Show Jumping competition on Sunday 22nd January, at The Equine Centre, Celyn, Northop. To ensure that the competition runs successfully we need as many helpers as possible. If you have a few spare hours to help, please let Bethan know which duties and when you are available (dc@fndponyclub.org.uk). Members competing at the competition are expected to volunteer to help.

We shall be setting up the course late afternoon on Saturday 21st January, if anyone is available to help.


The next training dates are:

  • 20th January at Northop 
  • 30th January at Equiti 
  • 9th February at Equiti 
  • 22nd February at Northop

Please email showjumping@fndponyclub.org.uk if you want to book on any dates.


Saturday 14th January 2017

The day is open to experienced and non-experienced Members and they will be put in appropriate groups. The age limit for racing is 9-15 years on 1st January 2017. The day will start at 9.30am and there will be sessions with a jockey coach, a fitness expert and then on the pony, a session in the school followed by going up the gallops.

Members and their pony will be assessed as to their ability, confidence and competence and at the end of the day will be informed by the Assessor as to whether they have passed. If this is the case then they will be able to use this qualification to enter a Pony Club Race Day and be eligible to take part in Pony Racing Authority (PRA) races staged in 2017.

The cost of the day is £30.00. For further details and to book a space, visit https://www.ponyracingauthority.co.uk/fixtures/?racedate=2017-01-14

Area 5 ‘B’ Test Care Training

Wednesday 18th January, 7pm until 8.30pm at Highfield Livery, Northop, CH7 6AZ. Cost £7. Contact Aloma (llysfaen@fndponyclub.org.uk)

Area 5 Triathlon Champs Qualifier

Attached are the schedule and entry form for the Area 5 Triathlon Qualifier on Sunday 26th February 2017 in Mold.

Other dates you may be interested in:

Sir Watkin Williams Wynn’s Mini Show Jumping Competition

Springbank Arena on Sunday 15th January 2017, from 9am. Details in attached schedule.

Rule Changes & Eligibility for 2017

The Rules and Eligibility are now available online along with a summary of the Sport Rule changes for 2017.

PDF versions of the rule books are also now available online here and hard copies will be posted out shortly.

Please can I also draw your attention to the revised Transfer Rule for 2017, whereby members who transfer under the 14 month rule will now be allowed to compete as Branch/Centre team members in the Quiz and Horse & Pony Care competitions. Members may also compete as an individual in any other relevant competition for their new Branch/Centre. See below for full Rule details.

New Transfer Rule


III. Transfers

Members wishing to transfer between Branches are actively discouraged from doing so, as the Equestrian Council believes transfers are not in the best interests of The Pony Club as a whole.

A Member who changes Branches, other than because of a permanent change of residence, may not compete in any Championship qualifying competition as a Team Member for 14 calendar months from the date of transfer. This does not apply to any Dengie dressage or Dengie show jumping competitions, nor to the Regional Championships, the Quiz, and the Horse and Pony Care competitions. Such a Member may, however, compete as an individual. Any transferred Member ineligible under the 14 month rule to compete at an Area Team qualifying competition shall not be eligible to compete at the later stages of the competition in the year that the ban expires. A Member may appeal against the imposition of the 14 month rule.

On permanent change of residence, however, into another Branch’s district, a Member may choose either to remain with his existing Branch or transfer to the Branch into whose district he has moved. Provided he requests a transfer within twelve calendar months of the change of residence, the fourteen calendar month ban on competing in any Championship qualifying competition or Championships will not be imposed. Equally, if a Member changes Branches within 12 months of first joining The Pony Club, he may do so without the imposition of the 14 month rule.

If the transfer is requested because the Branch to which the Member currently belongs does not offer the opportunity to take part in Mounted Games, Polo or Polocrosse at any level, be it rallies, friendly competitions or Area Competitions, the fourteen month rule will not apply to those sports, but it will apply to those other sports in which he could have taken part.

In the case of lapsed membership, anyone who applies to join a different Branch is subject to the transfer provisions as set out above and a Transfer Form must be submitted. For competition purposes, the new membership will be deemed to start from the date that the subscription is paid, or March 1st, whichever is the later. Individual consideration will be given in cases where Membership has lapsed for two years or more.

Every request for a transfer must be made to the Area Representative and a Transfer Form will be issued. The Transfer Form must be completed by the respective District Commissioners of the Branches concerned and returned, for consideration, by the Area Representative(s) Any transfer agreed by the Area Representative(s) and by both District Commissioners can go ahead without reference to The Pony Club Office. If the proposed transfer is not agreed by the Area Representative(s) and both District Commissioners, it shall be referred to the Management Committee.

A final appeal may be made to the Appeals Committee, which will have the absolute discretion and authority to approve or reject any transfer and will generally give reasons for doing so. It will be determined what, if any, representation of interested parties is appropriate and, in relevant circumstances, reasonable and adequate notice of meetings will be given. The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final.

In the year of transfer, no part of the Annual Subscription of a Member will be payable to the “receiving” Branch, unless the Subscription is paid to the “receiving” Branch after the transfer.

If you have any specific queries, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant Sports Secretary or department – click here for contact details.