What’s on this month

Llanasa – Flat Work Rally – 23/05/22 Northop Equestrian Centre
  • 23/05/2022 18:00
Area 5 – B Test Assessor Training – 23/05/22 Wirral Riding Centre
  • 23/05/2022 18:00
Llysfaen – Working Rally – 25/05/22 Sirior Goch Farm
  • 25/05/2022 17:00
Show Jumping – Grid Work – Ty Mawr, Bodelwyddan – 26/05/22 Dyfnog
  • 26/05/2022 00:00
Show Jumping – Training with Richard Carruthers – Delamere – 28/05/22 Forest Gate Farm
  • 28/05/2022 00:00
Dressage – Flatwork lessons – Ty Mawr – 28/05/22 Ty Mawr
  • 28/05/2022 10:00
Area 5 – Mounted Games – 29/05/22 Glan y Wern
  • 29/05/2022 09:00
Area 5 – B Care Practical Training – 29/05/22 Ty Mawr
  • 29/05/2022 10:30
Event training with Louise Shepherd – 31/05/22 Forest Gate Farm
  • 31/05/2022 00:00
Llysfaen – WHP Rally – 01/06/22 Debbie Grey’s
  • 01/06/2022 17:00
Mini Camp 2/06/22 – 4/06/22 Glan y Wern
  • 02/06/2022 09:30
Show Jumping – Training – Dyfnog Stud- 02/06/22 Dyfnog
  • 02/06/2022 17:00
Llanasa – Working Rally – 06/06/22 Highfield Livery Yard
  • 06/06/2022 18:00
Llysfaen – XC Training – Paul Davies – 08/06/22 Mostyn Farm Ride
  • 08/06/2022 17:00
XC Training – Kelsall Hill – 11/06/22 Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre
  • 11/06/2022 00:00
Dressage – all ages – Whitegate – 12/06/22 Whitegate farm, Livery and Training Centre
  • 12/06/2022 13:45
Llanasa – Grid Training Rally – 13/06/22 Highfield Livery Yard
  • 13/06/2022 18:00
Llysfaen – WHP Rally – 15/06/22 Debbie Grey’s
  • 15/06/2022 17:00
Llandyrnog – Working Rally for all abilities – 16/06/22 Plas Dolben
  • 16/06/2022 18:00
Event training with Louise Shepherd – 19/06/22 Forest Gate Farm
  • 19/06/2022 00:00
Llanasa – Flat Work Rally – 20/06/22 Highfield Livery Yard
  • 20/06/2022 18:00


Dressage lessons

The next flatwork lessons are on 28th May at Fferm with Sue Cottrell. These sessions are open to all levels of riders who are riding independently off the lead rein. Please can Becky have all names by the end of the week (dressage@fndponyclub.org.uk).

The next lessons at Whitegate Farm with Steph Bradley are on 12th June and the focus will be on test riding practice with a talk at midday on test riding. Becky needs names in for next week to secure our F&D spaces as the demand is high for these lessons.

12th June Jumping beans

The entries for this competition are now live at https://www.horse-events.co.uk/horse-events/area-5-of-the-pony-club-jumping-bean-dry-tri-120622/

As with all Tetrathlons, 2 siblings can share a pony and because this is an entry level event and designed to be encouraging we will consider other requests to share a pony.

Stirrup Rules

The rule changes related to stirrups has now been added to the Pony Club website: https://pcuk.org/officials/rulebooks/

Flint & Denbigh member at Royal Windsor

Leah Lamb has gone to Royal Windsor horse show to represent Wales & Borders in the Tetrathlon.

The team event brought a resounding win for the Wales & Borders team of Harry Taylor, Oliver Loud and Leah Lamb, and Leah was one of only a few achieved a clean 1400 score in the riding phase.


Cheshire Shield Horse Trials 2022

Schedule: Please find attached the schedule for this event which has recently been published. All entries are being handled by Horse Events and full details can be accessed via this link:


FAQs & 3rd party/public liability insurance: Also attached is a Frequently Asked Questions sheet which I trust you will find helpful together with some information regarding 3rd party/public liability insurance which is only applicable to non-Pony Club members.

OPEN PC90: The event incorporates the 2022 Area 4 and Area 5 Championship and Regional Championship qualifiers. The event includes the Open PC90 for individual PC members which was introduced for those PC members who have worked their way up to competing at PC110 level but who have a novice/younger horse with which they wish to compete at PC90 level. You will need to indicate on the entry form that you are entering the OPEN PC90. We continue to accept entries from non-Pony Club riders and we will do our very best to accommodate as many as possible.

Order of running: We are proposing to start the competition with the PC80 class and work through the classes in ascending height order thus finishing the day with the PC110. This worked well in 2021 and enables us to be as efficient as possible in getting through the day.

One ride per class exemption: In order to encourage as many branches as possible to enter teams, our usual restriction on riders entering a single class on two horses will not apply where the second ride is intended to make up a team or, possibly, in other exceptional situations. There will also be an exemption in Class 5 (110) in order to encourage more entries for this class.

Team Selection

As usual, those Pony Club Branches wishing to enter teams are able to leave team selection until the following week. All riders/branches should submit entries for individuals by the closing date of FRIDAY 1st JULY but team selection from those individual entries does not need to be notified until WEDNESDAY 6th JULY. The branch DC or Team Manager can email Horse-Events info@horse-events.co.uk to request an updated list of their individual branch entries, make alterations/amendments as necessary and then email the updated information back to Horse-Events – info@horse-events.co.uk


Entry fee: There is no increase on the entry fee over 2021, which includes the start fee, medical cover and the HE administrative fee. I hope you will agree that this represents excellent value for money given the superb quality of facilities that Somerford Park Farm offers.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE – EQUINE FLU – All responsible equestrians will be aware of the recent measures adopted by various organisations and venues to protect, as far as possible, against the risks of equine flu. Pony Club rules currently require vaccination certificates to be up to date within the previous twelve-month period. Somerford Park have confirmed to us that, for the time being, they will also follow the same rule. Any change to this (e.g. to 6 month vaccinations) will be notified in good time. HOWEVER, please note qualifiers for PC Regional & National Championships will need a 6-month vaccination – see FAQ.

Passports/vaccination certificates must be produced will be checked on declaration and horses/ponies must NOT be unloaded until they have been approved.

Volunteers – we are always grateful for offers of help toward running the competition on the day – this is especially the case when it comes to finding XC fence judges. If you – or anyone you know, is willing to help in any capacity, please get in touch with our volunteers’ organiser, Sally Harris, ECBPC Head of Eventing, at the following address: crispinharris1@gmail.com

Cross country fence judging teams – NEW RULE

Due to continuing difficulties recruiting sufficient volunteers to be able to run this event, we have had to impose a condition on TEAM entries this year requiring that each TEAM provides at least TWO (ideally three) people to man a single fence for the whole day. Although these individuals can be swapped in and out during the day to spread the load, this can only be done between classes and with the knowledge and agreement of our volunteers’ organiser, Sally Harris. Since we only plan one briefing for XC jump judges, it is important that at least one person from each jump judging team is present at that briefing and thereafter throughout the day.

Please address any queries regarding the organisation of the event to me at dg.bell@outlook.com