Area 5 members

We propose to arrange for the dressage and show jumping phases of the eventing qualifier to take place on grass arenas at Somerford Park Farm on SATURDAY the 16th JULY.

We would propose that these phases, and these phases alone, would decide who qualifies for the Championships. We would expect HQ to accept these results with just one proviso – that those qualifiers could satisfy HQ that they had competed over a cross country course at the relevant level before being allowed to compete at the Championships. This is purely a safety consideration – to ensure that they are capable of tackling such a course.

We are now in the process of organising this competition and in the meantime we would hope that all branches would support this proposal.

We would propose to transfer all entries from the full competition to this new competition. Clearly there would be a refund/partial refund of entry fees dependent upon what the individual situation is.

Please note – this competition will only be open to those members who wish to try to qualify for the National Championships.

If you wish to compete at this competition you do not need to do anything – all entries submitted for the competition on the 2nd July will be automatically transferred to this competition. You will receive a refund of your original entry fee paid less £35 for this competition.

If you do NOT wish to compete at this competition, please let me know as soon as possible if which case you will receive a refund of your original entry fee paid less £5 – please be patient.

We will accept entries from members who have not submitted an entry for the 2nd July competition. Please use the Cheshire Shield entry form and submit urgently with the entry fee of £35.

Teams will be presumed to remain the same unless we are notified to the contrary.

If any of you would prefer to donate the money to our nominated Charity, the North West Air Ambulance, please email. Last year we were able to send a donation of £1500 from the event – clearly we will not be able to achieve that objective this year.

Area 4 members

Please look out for announcements regarding your situation.



Geoff Bell
District Commissioner