Important Message from your DC … please read

Rallies and Training

  • Book in to rallies in plenty of time. If you then find out that you are unable to attend, please inform the organiser asap.
  • Park the vehicle so that others can get in or out as necessary.
  • Please do NOT tie hay nets on the outside of trailers or lorries.
  • Arrive in plenty of time to tack up and get yourself mounted.
  • Ensure that you & your pony are clean and tidy.
  • Do not leave your pony unattended for long periods of time.
  • Rally venues are not play areas. Please could parents ensure that they supervise all children who are not taking part in the rally.
  • If the instructor is late arriving, members must only walk in the ménage. They must NOT trot, canter or jump until the instructor is present.
  • Please pick up any droppings that your pony does, from the ménage or parking area.
  • Please be polite to all organisers and instructors at all times.
  • Parents are expected to help set up or dismantle jumps where necessary.
  • Members on Lead Rein must have a competent leader. Please do not expect the Instructor to lead you child.

Congratulations to Ben Read for …

… being awarded the Certificate of achievement from the RDA.

Ben volunteers at The Clwyd Riding Centre on a regular basis, leading horses, side walking, helping with the vaulting lessons, etc.
The RDA groups are run by volunteers and are dependent on help from the community.

Ben is now moving on to the Young Equestrian Leaders Bronze Award. Good luck Ben.

Dates for Area Dengie Competitions

If any members have qualified for the next round in either the Dengie SJ or Dressage, the competitions are:

  • Show Jumping at Somerford 15th March … Cheshire Hunt North Competition
  • Dressage at Northop 8th March … Burton Cheshire Forest Competition

Berwyn and Dee and Tanantside Report WLSJ

What a fab day we all had on November 9th. Another early start, but the sun was shining,  and so were our teams ….

Class 1, and the WL team worked fab together and between Rhys Cernyw, Ceri Jones, Steph Parsley & Beatrice Blockley they managed to wipe the board coming home with the winning 1st rosettes. The non Wl team included Ffion Roberts were also a very deserving 2nd, with Ffion riding two superb rounds and being placed individually 2nd & 4th.

Class 2  and the WL team were equally working together, with Sali Wyn – Wheway, Tegan Houston, Ben Read & Jac Cernyw.  They all had lovely rounds and came  home with the top prize winning 1st prize in the team event. Super speedy were the F & D members, with Sali Wyn Wheway individually 2nd, Jac Cernyw individual 4th, and Megan Woodcock gaining team 2nd in a mixed team, and individual 1st with a fab ride.

I’m not too clear what happened in Class 3, and full results have not been given to me yet, but I have been informed that the Quality Street team of Lucy Roberts, Sophie Wilson, Catrin Evans & Becky Sedcole again rode superb, with another winning performance and first rosettes for F & D. They were not awarded on the day due to a calculation mix up, but well done all of you, we are all starting to work as teams, this is definitely showing in our EXCELLENT RESULTS !!  Keep it up all of you.

Can I also thank Kathi for all her hard work in the training at Northop. She is always there from beginning to the end, sometimes without her own daughter, and these sessions are obviously a huge boost for our riders.

Chris , Kathi & Aloma.

Burton Cheshire Pony Club WL Competition

The cheques for the above ( £12) need to be in This Friday, so cheques to me by Thursday morning please, I will be sending entries on Thursday afternoon. PLEASE let me know if you would like a space.

Thanks … Aloma 07802 342561, Penanner, FFordd Abergele, Betws Yn Rhos. LL22 8AF