The big thaw came and we were able to hold the Pony Club meet by kind permission of Mr and Mrs John Rees at their farm on New Years Day 2011.  Over 70 horses and their riders met on a lovely morning. Members of the pony club from lead rein to the older ones were beautifully turned out and ponies were very well behaved despite having had an enforced rest due to the snow.

The Masters made everyone welcomed and took us all on a lovely ride around the countryside. The farmers and landowners allowed us to ride across the land and hopefully we did not leave too much mess. The scenery was beautiful, as we looked down the vale towards the sea.

We made our way through the woods and had a great run down through the fields where the braver riders were able to jump over post and rail fences and even a huge hedge.

The parents leading the younger members kept up really well. They would be good competitors for the marathon!!!

By 2pm most of the members were ready to call it a day and have their well earned picnic.

I hope that you all enjoyed the day and when you got home made sure that your ponies were given their tea and put in a cosy stable.

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