Well Done to Emily Vaarkamp, and Leah Jones (Flint & Denbigh) and Harri Williams (Aberconwy) on gaining their C+ Pony Club Test today.

Llandyrnog Easter Fun Day

Iona is hoping to run the Easter Fun Day on Saturday 15th April. If you would like to attend please let her know ASAP (secretary@fndponyclub.org.uk).

Horse & Pony Care Competition

Area 5 Qualifier on 30th April. Please contact Iona if you are interested in being part of a team (secretary@fndponyclub.org.uk).

Mold Triathlon

Mold Leisure Centre on Saturday 20th May.

D and D+ Stable Management

Change of date for D & D+ Stable Management to Thursday 27th April and Thursday 18th May. Both 6.30 pm – 7.30 pm. Please Book In with Iona (secretary@fndponyclub.org.uk).

Riding & Road Safety

Can all members please check they have the correct Road Safety Badge/Test in place before putting names forward for tests. Mini Roadrider Badge needed before both D and D+ Test. Main Roadrider Badge before C, and preferably Test before C+.

It is disappointing when you are ready to take the Tests, especially at camp, but unable to as the correct R&R is not in place.

Suggested Minimum ages for tests are:

  • D : 8 Years
  • D+ : 10 Years
  • C : 11 Years
  • C+ : 13 Years
  • B : 15 Years
  • B+ : 16 Years
  • AH : 17 Years
  • A : 18 Years

The next Test day is on Saturday 3rd June, for D, D+ and C Tests. Riding & Road Safety dates are 17th & 20th May. Stable Management Training dates for all the Tests are on the Fixture List.

Please let Iona know if you are wanting to “Book In” for any Training or Tests (secretary@fndponyclub.org.uk).

Cheshire Hunt North One Day Event

Newcomers schedule attached. This is on 3rd June at Smallwood Livery Centre.

Class 2 is also a team competition for teams wanting to compete at the Regional area qualifier. This would be a good practice event for them. Names of team members can be submitted to j.deakin@stb.coop however they must enter individually, by entry form or via Entrymaster.

Cheshire Hunt North have decided not to run their main ODE in May this year.

BHS North Wales Events

Please find attached Posters for upcoming events in the region that may be of interest.

Horses Inside Out Inside Out Video Based Lecture Evenings:

Come and meet Gillian Higgins and see her amazing slow motion video footage allowing the audience to see in detail and understand what is happening as the horse moves. To Book please see the Facebook Event Listings on BHS North Wales; availability to book online or collect tickets from a BHS Committee Member. http://www.horsesinsideout.com/index.html

Results from the Show Jumping Competition at Ystrad

Thank you to all the members who attended the Show Jumping competition last Saturday. I hope you all had a good time. Thank you also to Fran for all her help on the day, to Debbie for helping build the course on Friday and every one who helped clear away. It is very much appreciated.

Lead Rein:

  1. Grace Williams
  2. Erin Wood
  3. Caspar Kissane
  4. Llinos Owen
  5. Gareth Wood
  6. Macsen Newton

 Class 1 Just Off LR:

  1. Nansi Edwards
  2. Orla Kissane
  3. Harriet Goodall
  4. Llinos Owen
  5. Erin Wood
  6. Margaret Goodall

 Class 2 50cms:

  1. Elia Davies
  2. Nansi Edwards
  3. Isabella Stone
  4. Cari Jones
  5. Orla Kissane
  6. Margaret Goodall

 Class 3 60 cms:

  1. Cari Jones
  2. Scarlett Owen (Mini Me)
  3. Isabella Stone
  4. Will Stone
  5. Millie Davies
  6. Scarlett Owen (Fudge)

 Class 4 70 cms:

  1. Imogen Kissane
  2. Cari Jones
  3. Will Stone
  4. Scarlett Owen (Mini Me)
  5. Isabella Stone
  6. Elia Davies