Zone Games 2014

Royal Welsh

Winter League SJ - Anglesey

We had a long but very successful day at the first Winter League Show Jumping in Anglesey on Saturday. The weather was windy and cold but the F & D teams were prepared and ready for action, coming home with top spots in two out of three of the competitions. Class 1, and we had 2 teams in the 10 & under. The Wl team of Leah Jones, Scarlett Owen, Twm Cernyw & Emily Mcpharland rode very correct in the first round, and then picked up speed for the second round, not only coming home with 1st for the team, but Emily Mcpharland gaining individual 1st and Leah Jones gaining individual 2nd. Our second team of Orla Toner, Amelia Clemence & Eben Davies also rode very well, gaining team 4th, and Orla Toner individual 6th. Class 2, and after a slight delay before starting, our Wl team of Lois Williama, Sali Wyn -Wheway, Efa Davies & Beatrice Blockley also came up trumps, gaining team 1st. Again picking up speed for the second round Beatrice gained individual 2nd, Sali individual 3rd and Lois individual 4th. Our second team of Georgie Elvin, Hermanie Williams & Beatrice Blockley all rode well, and Hermanie came home with individual 1st , meaning that the F& D riders between them had individual 1 , 2nd 3rd & 4th in the competiton. Class 3, which was later on than anticipated, and our team of Lilly Ann Pardoe, Ben Read, Mary Jane Braughton & Harriet Williams were down to 3 members to deliver after Lilly & Harry had a nasty fall and had to withdraw ( both are now sore but fine!) . The team still managed to deliver , with team 3rd, and Mary Jane Braughton showing all how it was done, gaining individual 1st. There was a bit of confusion when presenting prizes in class 2, and I would like to thank all the F& D riders for being honest and mature while this was dealt with, I was very proud of you all. Thank you Maggie & Penny for keeping scores in class 2+3, and to all parents for their help on the day. Aloma

Tetrathlon Guilden Sutton Sept 13/14th 2014

"Meg's Tetters" had a really lovely time in Cheshire at a Tetrathlon competition combined with an "Eventers Challenge" put on by CHS. Seven F and D members competed but sadly we could not put a team together. All came home with something which is so encouraging for them but some of the achievements were just amazing. Leah Lamb won the Bean Bag class and knocked 22 seconds off her best run. Imogen Kissane won her class with a best shoot (we think she has the hang of it now! ) and a best run. Orlagh toner was 3rd with an amazing shoot of 900, Scarlett's running is improving with each competition but her shoot let her down this time. You see - we were shooting at a farm and there was this chicken that had laid an egg and would not shut up about it - right in the middle of Scarletts shooting! Ben won the Junior Boys with a shoot of 900 and a PB of 8 lengths swim and a PB run. His total score was a whopping 4500+. Phillipa Edwards enjoyed her day - her 2nd comp. We all had a lovely time at the BBQ afterwards. Well done all. Next comp is a Triathlon Mold Oct 19th. Meg

Flint and Denbigh PC Tetrathlon Running Training 27th August 2014

Flint and Denbigh PC young Tetters end of summer running training pond party The young Flint and Denbigh Tetters have been training hard all summer and as a reward for them a pond dipping and pizza party was held at Lleweni Hall. The evening started with the usual warm up, followed by a 1000m cross country run, with all children running brilliantly and some even achieving PB's. After the run they quickly changed into their wetsuits and headed off to the pond for fun and games. On behalf of all the children and adults we would like to thank John and Corrine Kissane for giving up their time and training the kids to run, as well as giving them such an amazing evening which finished off with pizza and a film.

Mini Camp 2014 (Eirian Jones)

Thanks to Eirian for this set of photos of Mini Camp 2014

Mini Camp 2014 (Lindsey Howatson)

Thanks to Lindsey for this set of photos of Mini Camp 2014

Mini Camp 2014 (Beth Evans)

Thanks to Beth for this set of photos of Mini Camp 2014

Mini Camp 2014 (Pete and Laura)

Thanks to Pete Owen and Laura for this set of Mini Camp 2014

Area 5 Tetrathlon Warwick July 12th / 13th

This competition was held alongside Area 4 and 7 so there were about 150 competitors ranging from the "Tiddlers" (Under 8) to Adults. The main competition was for Open, Intermediate and Junior Competitors to qualify for the Championships in Bishop Burton in August. The weather was kind and the XC very natural but testing - not a mobile roll top in site. There were two water complexes which caused problems. Ben Read rode a brilliant round and gained a maximum score of 1400. He was awarded the medal for the top Junior Boy run, swam a PB of 7 lengths 24 m and had a shoot of 880. His total score meant that he qualifies for the Championships but he also won the Junior Boy class including the boys from Area 4 and 7. He was also in the winning Junior Boy team along with Russell Wingfield from Aberconwy and a Warwick Member. Well Done Ben and Good Luck when you get there. Also representing Flint and Denbigh was a "Dream Team" of Tiddlers - Orla and Imogen Kissane, Margaret and Harriett Goodall. They camped as you can see from the picture and generally had a thoroughly good time. They ran and swam their very best but found the XC difficult. We could have done with some very strong glue! There were 7 Tiddler teams and our little Dream Team came 3rd. Sunday was a long day and they probably didn't arrive home til about ten pm. Thank you to all five members and their parents for going such a long way to represent Flint and Denbigh.

Aberconwy Pony Club Fun Day

Flint and Denbigh Members enjoying the Aberconwy Pony Club Fun Day which was held at Meadowsweet, Llanrwst on Sunday 29th June 2014. The children had the opportunity to take part in Show Jumping, Working Hunter, Ridden Showing and Handy Pony competitions. The day finished off with an exciting 'Dash for Cash' team event, which was great fun and consisted of four members in each team who individually raced against the clock over undulating terrain whilst jumping over obstacles ... it was very exciting and definitely the highlight of the day ... the winning team was one minute faster than the others and made up of three ACPC members "Annie, Harry & Sophie" and a F&DPC member 'Scarlett'. Brilliant day, thank you so much ACPC for letting us join in your fun ... Laura Owen

Commonwealth Games Baton

It was a great honour for me to be asked to carry the Commonwealth Games Baton. Iona Pierce was nominated but due to her being in New Zealand nominated myself . I was representing the Branch and invited a few members to join me to ride along the bridle path from Llanbedr to Bwlch Pen Barras. The baton has been carried in 70 countries that take part in the games and has been carried by many famous sport people along its route. It will take 288 days travelling 190,000 miles. Inside the Baton was a message which had been written by the Queen. The Baton was heavier than I expected and luckily Bob behaved himself. We were carrying it on its final leg in Wales before it entered England on its route to Glasgow where the Games are being held. Best regards Bethan

One Day Tetrathlon April 26th in Mostyn

Fantastic Flint and Denbigh At the One Day Tetrathlon April 26th in Mostyn, Flint and Denbigh Tetrathletes lead the field. Entries were not huge – just seven teams – but Flint and Denbigh took first and second places in the team competition. Our members were on top form and there were many personal bests achieved – Scarlett knocked 10 seconds off her run, Ben swam 7 lengths and 2 m., Meg W, Eloise and Huw all had swim PB’s. Leah had run and swim PB’s and although only six – had a go at the jumping all on her own. Jake V-Thomas competed in his first Tet since he was about 9 years old. He scored a respectable 3617 and can’t wait to do the next one ! The winning team members were Ceri and Huw Jones, Mia and Neisha Roberts. Second placed team was Meg Woodcock, Ben Read, Madeline Maher and Hermione Williams. Hermione had a clear round on her new pony. We had 13 F and D members competing and they ALL came home with a rosette/ medal or two! Some notable achievements were Neisha who won her class and had top shoot, run and swim medals. WOW! Mia was 2nd in her class and had the run medal. Orlagh Toner had the top shoot medal in her class and actually had the highest shoot score of the whole competition – 920. That is nine bulls out of a possible ten. Ben Read won the Junior boys and had the top shoot and run medals. Madeline won the Junior Girls and had the top shoot, run and swim medals. Next competition is May 17th/18th at Plas Ucha, Glan Conwy and is combined with a Hunter Trial. All classes – Lead rein to Seniors. Entries in the Tet will automatically be entered in the H.Trial. Meg G

F&D Tet Running Training

Hi all These are some pics from last nights F&D Tetrathlon running training at Lleweni Hall. Are there any budding athletic kids in the club that are ready to take up PC Tetrathlon and join in with the Training at Lleweni Hall Wednesday evenings starting at 6pm. Thanks ... Laura

Lleweni Fun Day

It wasn't warm enough to melt any Easter eggs, but the fun these F&DPC young members had at their Easter Sunday outing to Lleweni Hall certainly warmed the hearts of the parents. Many thanks to John, Corrine, Glen and John for their amazing hospitality. The morning started with mounted games which was followed by an Easter egg hunt and pony quiz around the estate, although the sky threatened to soak us the rain kindly stayed away. After riding the ponies were un-tacked and put back in their trailers, we then enjoyed an amazing Easter buffet lunch, which was followed by some quality playtime giving the members an opportunity to make new friends in the picturesque surroundings of Lleweni. Thank you for another brilliant day!

Tetrathlon Running Training 16th April 2014

Weekly F&DPC running training sessions have started at Lleweni Hall for the younger members in preparation for Tetrathlon competitions. The session this evening helped develop their speed and endurance. The children received excellent coaching from John and Corrine, in their beautiful setting and with amazing weather.....I never new running could be so much fun.

Area 5 PC Triathlon at Neston

Area 5 PC Tri at Neston, Meg\'s F&D Tetters did brilliantly once again ...

North Shropshire PC Triathlon 2nd Feb 2014

Attached are some pics from the PC Triathlon at Wrekin College, Telford. Amazing result again from the F&D Dream Team!

Alsager Triathlon 26th January 2014

We all had a fantastic time at the Area 5 TRI which was held at Alsager on Sunday 26th January ....our teams did brilliantly!