The rule books for each discipline are available from Head office and can also be downloaded from the website.

Rules that differ from those of 2020/21 or requiring special emphasis appear in bold type and changes are side lines.


WHIPS – A whip if carried, must be held in the hand by the handle at the top. The whip must be padded.

  • Maximum length of the whip is 70cm and no less than 45cm.
  • The contact area is considered to be 2/5ths of the overall length and must e covered with a pad.
  • There must be no ‘binding’ within 17cms of the end of the ‘pad’
  • The pad must be smooth, with no protrusion or raised surface and be made of shock absorbing material throughout its circumference such that it gives a compression factor of at least 6mm.
  • There is to be no wording, advertising or personalisation of any kind on the pad.
  • Members are advised to start carrying this type of whip at rallies and training.
  • All stirrups must be capable of easy releasing.

HATS – Please note that from 1st January 2023 the following hat standards will no longer be accepted, due to the age of hats made to these standards:

  • PAS 015 1998
  • SNELL 2001

To manage this change, a new colour of hat tag will be required.


A valid passport and vaccination record:

  • Must accompany the horse or pony to all events
  • Must be available for inspection by the event officials
  • Must be produced on request at any other time during the event.

If you are unclear as how these changes may affect you or your chile members, please ask  Bethan DC or any trainer or instructor!

  • The Area 5 website has references to all the Rule changes, Rule Books and lots more under the menu link “INFO/GUIDELINES” …