What’s on this month

Please remember to contact the organiser before booking and paying online: you will find the contact details in the fixture list or on the event’s page by clicking on ‘Register’.

Gymkhana for all abilities – Llandyrnog – 15/01/22 Hafod – Trefnant 15/01/2022 10:30 Register
Mounted Games Training – Branch – 16/01/22 Tyddyn Farm 16/01/2022 10:00 Register
Dressage – lesson with Steph Bradley – 16/01/22 Whitegat​e Farm Livery & Training Centre 16/01/2022 13:45 Register
Llysfaen – Working Rally – 19/01/22 EquiTi Ty Isaf 19/01/2022 17:00 Register
Dressage – individual or shared lessons – 22/01/22 Fferm 22/01/2022 10:00 Register
Mounted Games Training – Branch – 23/01/22 Tyddyn Farm 23/01/2022 10:00 Register
Flat Work Rally – Llanasa – 24/01/22 Northop Equestrian Centre 24/01/2022 18:00 Register
Older Members Working Rally – Llandyrnog – 25/01/22 Hafod – Trefnant 25/01/2022 18:30 Register
Llysfaen – Working Rally – 26/01/22 EquiTi Ty Isaf 26/01/2022 17:00 Register
WL Show Jumping training – 27/01/22 EquiTi Ty Isaf 27/01/2022 17:00 Register
Working Rally for all Abilities – Llandyrnog – 29/01/22 Ystrad 29/01/2022 10:30 Register
Mounted Games Training – Branch – 30/01/22 Tyddyn Farm 30/01/2022 10:00 Register

Gymkhana in Hafod – 15th January

Entries for Gymkhana at Hafod, Trefnant this Saturday will close tomorrow, Wed 12th January. Payments needed please if you have Booked In.

Reminder about dress for Pony Club

Members/ parents, please note that when riding at pony club activities, in the interests of safety, long hair should be plaited and secured in a hairnet whilst riding. It should be tied up above the collar. 


  • No hooded tops or jackets
  • No piercings or jewellery
  • No bling please

Whitegate Farm Dressage Club – 16th January

On Sunday 16th January we have another dressage day at Whitegate Farm with Steph Bradley.

Lessons are booked but there is another talk and demonstration which is free to attend  at 12-12:45 on “the influence of the rider and rider symmetry”. fun and interactive session – getting the kids involved and doing exercises and also a rider guinea pig too – so will be in the indoor. 

Help understanding of all we can do as owners, parents and riders to keep welfare as a priority when we ride. Perhaps something riders haven’t appreciated before. 2022 is the year of challenging what we have always thought and done, for the betterment of our horses & ponies.

Followed by 1-1:45 BD youth rider assessment for squadding – watch and learn Steph is great at explaining the exercises she is setting for the horse and rider, strengths and weaknesses to work on. Interesting watch for those wanting to progress into BD.

Drinks & snacks available in club room free of charge. 

Please come along to support these sessions.

Mold Triathlon

Attached is the schedule for the triathlon on 23 January. Sorry but you only have 9 days to enter.

Entries are via horse-events and the direct link is: https://www.horse-events.co.uk/horse-events/area-5-trio-of-triathlons-230122/

In Wales everyone over 11 must wear a face mask in indoor public spaces which includes the leisure centre.

Wales has also put limits on gatherings so competitors will have to return to their cars between events. We appreciate this is an inconvenience but ask for your co-operation. This also means we won’t be providing cakes and hot drinks.

Shooting training

Shooting available Monday evenings at 6pm. Guns provided. £3 for an hour. Contact Meg (megww@aol.com).

Blue Cross Horse & Pony Care Area 5 competition

Do we have any members who would like to represent the F&D Branch at the Area 5 Blue Cross H&PC Competition?

  • Mini – Teams to consist of three members aged 10 years and under on the 1st January of the competition year, with one member to be 8 years or under. Questions to be based on the Care section of the E, D and easier parts of the D+ Efficiency Tests.
  • Junior – Teams to consist of three members aged 13 years and under on the 1st January of the competition year, with one member to be 11 years or under. Questions to be based on the Care section of the D, D+, C and easier parts of the C+ Efficiency Tests.
  • Senior – Teams to consist of three members aged 25 years and under on the 1st January of the competition year, with one member to be 16 years or under. Questions to be based on the Care section of the C+, B and AH Efficiency Tests.

Teams make their way around different ‘stations’, each of which will comprise of a different theory or practical based topic. Ten minutes are spent at each ‘station’, during which time Members are asked a series of questions to be marked by the Assessor.

Dress should be appropriate to a working yard environment: Pony Club sweatshirts, shirt and tie, jodphurs, boots, gloves and hats are expected.

Points will be allocated per section, as well as for the manner in which Teams approach the competition. One round will be chosen, at random, as the tie-breaker. In the event of a tie, the Team with the highest score in that particular round will be declared the winners.

Please let Iona know if you would be interested so that we can arrange some training sessions for you (secretary@fndponyclub.org.uk).

PELHAM Portal Renewals – How to View the Basket

It has come to our attention that some parents are not finding the Basket easily on the portal to be able to pay for their renewals. We will look to add a message to clarify this on the Portal itself next week, but in the meantime please could you pass this message on to anyone who is having difficulties.

To renew, click ONCE on the Renew button and the renewal application will be added to the basket:

THE BASKET is in the TOP RIGHT corner of the screen:


You can proceed to pay from here. The change we will be making will be to move the “Membership renewal … added to your basket” to appear AFTER the Renewal button has been pressed.

Secondly, some of you have queried the chaser emails sent this week. Apologies, many of the unpaid renewals are paid by the time you check them so if this has happened, please accept our apologies. We will not chase renewal payments for another couple of weeks to give parents time to complete, and for this message to trickle through. PLEASE NOTE: approvals are NOT required for renewing members; if you have renewing members listed in the email it is because they have not completed the payment process.

Kind regards,