What’s on this fortnight…

Please could members/parents ensure that they book in online with the organiser and then pay using the booking system. The booking closes 3 days prior to the event. 

Organisers need to know numbers attending rallies and training at least a week before the activity. This allows them time to organise groups and also to book extra instructors if needed. 

Junior Rally – 19/09/21 Glan y Wern 19/09/2021 10:00 Register
Flatwork Rally – Llanasa – 20/09/21 Highfield Livery Yard 20/09/2021 18:00 Register
Llysfaen – Working Rally – 22/09/21 EquiTi Ty Isaf 22/09/2021 17:00 Register
Dressage – individual or shared lessons – 25/09/2021 Ty Mawr 25/09/2021 10:00 Register
Mountain Ride and Fun Day – Llandyrnog – 25/09/21 Plas Dolben 25/09/2021 10:30 Register
Llysfaen – Working Rally – 29/09/21 EquiTi Ty Isaf 29/09/2021 17:00 Register
Show Jumping Training – 30/09/21   30/09/2021 17:00 Register

Tetrathlon Training Day – Unmounted

Attached are the details for a very exciting unmounted training day scheduled for half term. You’ll see from the schedule that we are offering to include a special session for Under 8s but we need to know by 20 Sept how many are likely to come. Please email Penny if you want this session (penny@dmxl.co.uk). It’ll need about 15 people to make it viable.

We are also offering a Pilates session for parents if enough are interested. Again please email by 20 Sept.

The closing date for the other bookings is Monday 11 October.

Competitors from other areas who usually support our events are welcome to attend.

East Cheshire Winter League Show Jumping and Pony Club Spring Festival Debut and PC Challenge Preliminary Rounds

To be held on Sunday 3rd October at Somerford Park Farm, Holmes Chapel Road, Somerford, nr Congleton, CW12 4SW. Please see schedule attached.

Please submit entries online via ECBPC website – https://branches.pcuk.org/eastcheshire/fixtures/ – or by post if you must!

Closing date for entries – MONDAY 27th September

Some notes from the Pony Club Handbook

Please read the rules below regarding rallies and training. Please could team trainers inform the members that they need to have attended at least three rallies before they can represent the branch at area competitions. It would be a good idea that members get their three rallies in as soon as possible. There are plenty of rallies organised at different venues and times.

10.7 Rallies must be advertised at least seven days prior to the date of the rally and authorised by Branch Committees. Nobody can hold a Rally or coach at a Rally unless authorised by the District Commissioner. 

10.8 A working Rally is one at which coaching is given and which is open to all Members of the Branch within the age range or ability level for which it is intended. It may be either a mounted or dismounted Rally. Team practices/coaching do not qualify as Working Rallies.

10.9 For Area Competitions and above, Members must have been to a minimum of three working rallies since the previous 1st July, to be eligible to represent their Branch. Camp counts as one Working Rally.

Horse and Rider – The District Commissioner or Centre Proprietor has discretion in the case of those who are working or in further education. Individual sports may adopt more stringent requirements. Below this level, Branches may adopt their own policy. 


10.10 Practices for the various sport competitions shall be announced in the Branch Programme, so that all eligible Members wishing to take part may do so. Any additional practices that are arranged within the period covered by the current Branch Programme, but after the Programme has been distributed, must have the approval of the District Commissioner.

Summer Fundraising Competitions – Results

A BIG thankyou to all the members who have supported the F&D Competitions over the Summer.  Nearly £1,700.00 has been raised to help subsidise the Winter Rallies and Training, so thank you to you all. 

Thank you also to the Judges, Stewards, Writers & helpers who make these competitions possible.

Fun Show Prize winners were: Halle Rosser, Arthur A Thomas, Nansi Evans, Marcus Rosser, Anni Morgan, Ioan James, Mabli D Jones, Catrin Morgan, Erin A Thomas, Elliw Dafydd, Alys Evans, Megan Evans, Zoe James, Isabelle Davies, Belle Hudson, Olive Baker, Amber Beaumont, Ellie Brown, Summer Bellis, Helen Jones, Annabelle Heathcote, Lena Pierce, Alaw Davies, Amber Bellis.

ODE Results:

Class 1:

  1. Cadi Lightfoot Dolgellau
  2. Anni Morgan F&D
  3. Evie James CHS
  4. Maggie Kinsey CHS
  5. Sophie Clarke Jones CHS
  6. Nansi Evans F&D

Class 2:

  1. Megan Evans F&D
  2. Erin A Thomas F&D
  3. Jonjo Griffith F&D
  4. Alys Evans F&D
  5. Zoe James F&D
  6. Megan Williams Gwynedd

Class 3 50cms: Only 3 completed this class.

  1. Erin Williams Gwynedd
  2. Amber Kinsey CHS
  3. Archie Adams BCF

Class 4 60cms: Only 5 completed this class

  1. Thomas Holloway BCF
  2. Erin Wood F&D
  3. Josh Parry Jones F&D
  4. Lena Pierce F&D
  5. Catherine Smith Edwards F&D

Class 5 70cms: Only 3 completed this class

  1. Natasha Grice EC
  2. Thea Griffith F&D
  3. Megan Meredith Dolgellau

Class 6 80cms: Only 2 completed this class.

  1. Huw Griffith F&D
  2. Rhianna Meredith Dolgellau

Hunter Trials results:  

Class 3 9 & under 50cms: Only 2 completed.

  1. Mair Hughes B&D
  2. Max DeGregory F&D

Class 4 11 & under 60cms: Only 2 completed

  1. Erin Wood F&D
  2. Ffion Rowlands Dolgellau

Class 5 Pairs:

  1. Catrin Roberts & Erin Wood

Class 6:

  1. Ffion Rowlands

Class 7 60cms:

  1. Catrin Roberts Dolgellau
  2. Immi Gilruth Sir WWW

Class 8 70cms: Only 2 completed

  1. Megan Witt Tanatside
  2. Archie Evans, Tanatside

Class 9 80cms: Only 3 completed

  1. Bethan Stephens Tanatside
  2. Imogen Kissane F&D
  3. Scarlett Gilruth Sir WWW

Class 10 Pairs:

  1. Immi & Scarlett Gilruth Sir WWW
  2. Megan Witt & Kimberley Evans Tanatside
  3. Bethan Stephens & Archie Evans Tanatside

Triathlon results:

Under 5:

  1. Alys Evans
  2. Megan Evans
  3. Meelie Turner
  4. Anni Morgan
  5. Steffan Butler Berwyn and Dee
  • Best run: Megan Evans
  • Best shoot: Megan Evans

Under 8:

  1. Brodie Tanatside 
  2. Gwenan Butler Berwyn and Dee
  3. Max de Gregory 
  4. Zoe James
  5. Catrin Morgan
  6. Erin Thomas
  • Best run: Zoe James
  • Best shoot: Brodie