Pony Club Membership

Thank you to all the members who have paid their Pony Club membership renewal fee online. We have 36 members who have not renewed their membership at the moment. If you are not renewing this year, could you please let Iona know, so that she can update the database (secretary@fndponyclub.org.uk).

If you have not paid your membership, both your Pony Club Insurance and your membership has expired on the Main PC database at HQ since 31st January.

Branch Report

We will not be able to hold our AGM/parents and members meeting this year due to the lockdown. It has been a very challenging 12 months for everyone. Our branch managed to get going in July after the first lockdown. Numerous rallies, training sessions, fun days and competitions were organised to suit all ages and abilities. These were all very well attended and despite the branch not being able to hold the annual summer camps, extra rallies were organised.

I would like to thank all the hard-working volunteers who organise and run these activities and also thank the landowners who allow us the use of their venues to hold our activities.

Area 5 competitions will hopefully be going ahead in 2021, but we shall need to comply with COVID-19 regulations. The dates for all the competitions can be found on the Area 5 website.

If any members are planning to compete at any of the area competitions, please ensure that you read the rules for whichever discipline. Rule books are available from Iona or can be downloaded off the pony club website.

Flint and Denbigh Hunt Branch is hosting the Area 5 dressage competition at Glan Y Wern Farm, Llandyrnog on Sat 10th July. Running the competition is totally dependent on volunteers and we will be looking for help on the day.

Mounted Games

Maisie Lester has been nominated to attend the UK games team, unfortunately due to the current Covid restrictions the selection trials have been cancelled. Welsh team selection trials will hopefully go ahead in April. Leah Lloyd Williams, Cari Wyn Jones and Rosie and Katy Connor Jones have been nominated to attend. I would like to wish them all the best and good luck on the day.


We are hoping to run mini camp in the May half term at Glan Y Wern Farm. We shall have to wait and see what restrictions are in place. Details will be out as soon as we are allowed to get going.

Main camp will be held in July at Mostyn Farm Ride. Details for camp will also be out as soon as current restrictions are eased.

Please ensure that you apply as soon as the forms are out. This will enable the organisers to book instructors etc.

Currently all mounted activities are suspended due to lockdown restrictions, the branch have plenty of online activities. Area 5 and the national pony club have also organised fun competitions and training for the members.

2020 will be an year that we shall not forget, and as soon as it is possible, the branch will be ready to welcome members to the rallies, fun days and training.



Well Done to all Flint & Denbigh members who have achieved Badges online recently. Your Badges will be in the post soon.

Feeding Badge

  • Esyllt & Elliw Dafydd
  • Seren Griffiths
  • Helen Jones
  • Lleucu Newton
  • Catherine Smith Edwards
  • Constance Wright

Mini Pony Behaviour

  • Esyllt & Elliw Dafydd
  • Alys & Megan Evans
  • Luna & Rex Griffiths
  • Belle Hudson
  • Zoe & Joseff James
  • Catrin & Anni Morgan
  • Eos Newton
  • Meelie Turner

The Mini Wildlife Badge is now on the Bookings page for Sat 20th & 27th February. Fee £10. Please contact Iona (secretary@fndponyclub.org.uk). This is a new Badge that PC HQ have just released, therefore the actual Badge is not available at the moment, but will be posted out to all as soon as available.

Other badges on the booking system are:

  • 11th February: Lorinery Badge 6.30pm
  • 13th February: Dressage Badge 11am

Find out more and book onto the events on the website: https://www.fndponyclub.org.uk/bookings/

If anyone would like to complete the Mounted Games Competition Badge please let Emma and Fran know (mounted.games@fndponyclub.org.uk and francescahughes.36@gmail.com). Anyone who has competed for the branch can try the Main Badge, and anyone who has attended training, or competed at a fun day or fun branch competition can try the Intro Badge. You will be emailed a list of things you’ll need to do and a small workbook to complete and return. Those doing the Main Badge will also have to do a short online session – dates to be confirmed.

Members Area – PCUK Website

This area was designed to give Members direct access to resources they could do at home without support. We want to keep all Members engaged and we acknowledge that not all Centres and Branches are in a position to offer regular contact. Members can access this area here, and the password is pony1929. We hope to add more resources over the coming weeks.

Fun Competitions

  • The Lockdown Challenge – We are in week 4 of our challenge, but everyone can still take part. Download the tracker from the Members Area and scroll back on our social media to find the bonus challenges!
  • Pony Club Dog Dressage – Our fantastic dog dressage competition, which will be great fun! We are looking for accuracy of the test, the partnership between dog and handler and the obedience of the dog. Extra marks are available for tests done off the lead and with no ‘hands on’ from the handler. BUT there is a prize for naughtiest dog, so Members can send in their bloopers too! The closing date is February 19th.
  • NEW – Design a Dressage Test – This is a great opportunity to learn more about how a dressage test works. You can design a Novice, Intermediate or Open test, there are specific movements to include, but you must add your own style and creativity. The winning entries will then be ridden by a member of British Equestrian’s World Class Performance Team! To find out more click here, the closing date is February 26th.