Changes to Dressage Clinic

Due to the COVID rules Jane have changed this from a Dressage clinic to an all-round clinic aimed at getting you prepared for your next test. Flat work, pole work and jumping. There are four dates: 15 Nov, 20 Dec, 10 Jan and 28 Feb. Cost for all four dates is £40. Only 4 in each group. Venue is Equiti.

  • Lucy Grindal will teach D and D+ level at 10am
  • Brier Leahy will teach C and C+ level at 11am
  • Paul Davies will teach B level at 12pm

Please book online. For further information please ring Jane Grindal (07890 107492).

Area 5 Dates 2020-21

Latest additions in bold.

  • 22nd Nov: Spring Festival Dressage Qualifier, Tanatside
  • 28th Nov: Spring Fest Dressage Qualifier, Somerford
  • 5th/6th Dec: WLSJ, Burton Cheshire Forest/Cheshire Hunt North
  • 10th Jan: Spring Fest Dressage Qualifier, Anglesey
  • 17th Jan: WLSJ, Cheshire Hut South, Southview
  • 24th Jan: Triathlon, Mold, Area 5 Tetrathlon
  • 30th Jan: Spring Festival Qualifier – Dressage, East Cheshire, Somerford
  • 14th Feb: WLSJ, Sir Watkin Williams Wynn/Waen y Llyn
  • 7th Feb: Dressage Qualifier, Burton Cheshire Forest, Northop
  • 20th Feb: Arena Eventing Qualifier, East Cheshire, Kelsall
  • 28th Feb: Triathlon, Mold, Area 5 Tetrathlon
  • 6th Mar: Area 5 Quiz, Cheshire Hunt North
  • 7th Mar: Spring Festival Dressage Final, Burton Cheshire Forest
  • 13th Mar: Area 5 WLSJ Final, Kelsall
  • 14th Mar: Triathlon, Mold
  • 21st Mar: National Winter Triathlon Champs
  • 9th/10th/11th Apr: Spring Festival Final
  • 9th May: Area 5 Mounted Games, East Cheshire, venue TBC
  • 12th-15th May: Windsor Horse Show
  • 4th/6th Jun: Junior Intermediate Tetrathlon, Moreton Morrell
  • 19th/20th Jun: Area 5 Show Jumping, Cheshire Hunt South, date TBC
  • 26th/27th Jun: Area 5 Tetrathlon Qualifier, Mostyn
  • 3rd Jul: Area 5 Horse Trials, East Cheshire, Somerford
  • 10th Jul: Area Dressage, Flint & Denbigh, Llandyrnog
  • 13-16th Jul: Are 5 16+ Camp, Somerford
  • 7th/8th Aug: Tetrathlon Senior International
  • 13th/14th/15th Aug: Tetrathlon Champs