Covid Area 5 Competition Rules

Please note you must now agree to the Area 5 rules for competitions as you pay for events. The link above will show you the list of rules.

Please also ensure you are abiding by the rules at all times, and do NOT attend any rallies or training if any member of your household is displaying any symptoms.

Cheshire Hunt South Triathlon and One Day Event

Here is the schedule for the CHS event on Saturday 19th September. The Triathlon (run, shoot, ride) is open to everyone. The ODE is only for CHS members except that if you are doing the Triathlon you can also do the ODE.

All of the other details are on the schedules but the postcodes are CH3 7JW for Little Barrow Farm and CH3 7EJ for Belle Vue.

Black Pony Club Polo Shirts

Iona will be ordering Black pony club polo shirts next week. Please let her know if you would like to place an order (

Pony Club CEO Update – 4th September

There has been a lot of discussion this week with BEF colleagues regarding changes in group sizes and increasing the numbers allowed for coaching and training sessions in England. Please read below for the latest information applicable to your area.

I have also been responding to feedback regarding this CEO Update. I was pleased to hear the weekly communication has been much appreciated and served to keep everyone up to date with the ever-changing Government guidance. Now as we all move towards a more settled ‘normal’, the information needing to be shared does not always apply to everyone across The Pony Club.

I love the fact that our wonderful organisation caters from the youngest, grassroots riders right up to those with Olympic aspirations and our volunteers support them all the way. It does mean however, that by sending to everyone, information can be missed, especially when there is too much shared or it does not apply to them.

Therefore, I will be changing the format and role of our communications over the coming weeks. I will continue to keep Branches and Centres informed of Government changes, technology developments and important news on a weekly basis. Members will receive information on activities, events and news on a monthly basis and we may also send a short e-alert if there is something urgent to share.

I would encourage everyone to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and our website will also continue to be updated with the latest information. My aim is to continue to stay connected to you all and to keep you informed about developments in your organisation.

Latest Government Advice
  • Gatherings up to 30 people can meet outdoors but there is still a restriction to only 2 households indoors.
  • In all parts of the UK, covered arenas (indoor schools) can be used but it is recommended in Wales that organisers contact the local authority to inform them of their plans. Similarly, if you are considering running an organised activity with multiple groups of 30 on site, it is recommended that you liaise with the local authority.
  • The grassroots / sport and leisure guidance has been updated, including horse stables and arenas and, in England, the group size can now be increased from the existing 5 riders + 1 coach (total group of 6) to a number that is deemed manageable through an effective risk assessment. There is no specific number set, but it is recommended that gatherings are in separate and discrete pods of no more than 30 and everyone keeps within local restrictions / guidance. This will be a great relief for organisers of lead-rein rallies in particular as they can now be run viably, with riders, leaders and coach in total exceeding 6.
  • The BHS has published some very useful advice which can be accessed here, including guidance on risk assessment for larger groups.
  • In addition, as we move into the autumn season and Branches and Centres are considering organising stable management rallies indoors, we will follow the National Youth Agency advice, which allows for youth work numbers of 15 plus leader indoors in England –
Northern Ireland
  • Groups of 15 can meet for indoor or outdoor recreational / leisure activities. There is no restriction on the number of people that can take part in organised equestrian indoor or outdoor activities providing that the organisers comply with Northern Ireland Health Protection conditions and take all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of the virus.
  • Organised group coaching can take place for up to 30 people at a time. General meeting restrictions are for 15 people, with no limit for under 18s.
  • The Scottish Government confirmed that indoor spaces can open from the 31st August 2020.
  • It is important that all guidance should be read in conjunction with the Approved Sport specific Phase Three guidance for risks assessments, physical distancing, hygiene measures and essential Test and Protect procedures which can be found here.
  • When opening indoor facilities please refer to the sportscotland guidance on getting facilities fit for sport which can be found here.
  • I highly recommend the dedicated COVID Officer e-learning module which can be accessed here. This is quick and easy to follow, with very informative video clips, interactive quiz and useful documentation to support activities. Worthwhile looking at for all COVID officers, committee members and parents. Note: If you wish to receive a certificate after completing the module, the sport’s governing body referred to when completing the form is HorseScotland.

Mini Burghley One Day Event

The younger members of the branch had their first attempt at a one day event. They all completed a dressage test, some on the lead rein others off the lead rein. They all did a course of show jumps and then went cross country. Victoria gave them all a very interesting talk about eventing, showing them what they should wear for the different disciplines. Thank you to Sian and James Davies Cooke for allowing us to use their facilities.