Cancelled: Rally 9th July

I am REALLY SORRY to have to cancel the Rally this Thursday. I was looking forward to seeing you all. I am hoping that we can go ahead next week if they change the rules in Wales on Thursday/Friday of this week. PC HQ should have more information for us then. I will keep you updated.

The Rules in Wales do not allow us to meet up as yet. Only 1 to 1 coaching is allowed.

Meg has put a note on the Area 5 Facebook and website explaining the situation.

Fingers crossed we can go ahead soon.

Hope you are all happy for me to carry the payment forward.

Sorry again



Regulations from Welsh Government as of 2nd July: Sport and outdoor activity

Which sport, leisure and recreation facilities are now open?

All outdoor sport and leisure facilities with the exception of playgrounds and outdoor gyms are allowed to open. The operators of these grounds and facilities must take all necessary measures to manage risk and maintain social distancing. 

Team sports, contact sports and large gatherings of people are not allowed.

The type of facilities that can now re-open, subject to all other measures being met, include:

  • outdoor tennis courts
  • outdoor bowling greens
  • outdoor basketball courts
  • outdoor golf driving ranges
  • outdoor cycling velodromes
  • outdoor athletics tracks
  • outdoor cricket nets

Which outdoor sport, leisure and recreation facilities must remain closed?

The coronavirus restrictions regulations set out the list of all businesses, which must be closed – these include playgrounds and outdoor gyms. Restrictions on gatherings mean that in practice enclosed, managed sports pitches (such as five-a-side football pitches) cannot open. 

Why are some indoor and outdoor facilities still not allowed to open?

We are learning more about the virus every day and we know the risk of transmission is lower outdoors than indoors. However, a lower risk doesn’t mean no risk. Even in these circumstances it is vital we all maintain social distancing so we can continue to tackle the spread of this virus. 

Some outdoor facilities carry a greater risk of transmission where surfaces or equipment are shared between people, such as playgrounds and outdoor gyms.  Enclosed, managed, sports pitches should remain closed until team sports can resume.

Who can I play sport or exercise with?

You must play sport or exercise alone or with members of your or one other household.  Exercising or playing sport in groups, for example with friends, is still not allowed.

Can outdoor sports classes restart?

Yes but only if no more than two households are taking part at any one time and social distancing is maintained at all times between the households.


Booking/Logging in Issues

Apologies to all parents and guardians who have booked events and were asked for login details. That has now been resolved and the process should now be seamless without the login requirement!

Please get in touch with if any of you continue to have issues!