Resuming Pony Club Activities

We are slowly unlocking and although we still need to maintain social distancing we can start rallies and other activities from 6th July. 

The new Fixture list is now available for you all at

Due to a Pony Club directive regarding payments for events, we have had to introduce online payments for all events to reduce the risk of Covid transmission.

All events that require payment will be available on our booking system However due to group size restrictions, it is important that before you pay for an event, you phone or email the organiser as listed in each event to secure your place. When your place has been secured (and confirmed if emailed), proceed to pay for that event online. You will receive a series of automatic emails confirming payment has been successful.

We have removed the need to sign into our system and the details required are simply now the Rider’s name, parent or guardian email and telephone number! We hope this simplified system will benefit and streamline the process for you in these challenging times.

Remember, stay safe and follow all guidelines that will be sent to you before the events to keep us all safe!

Tack Check Guide for Rallies

Attached is a tack check guide for parents as instructors will not be able to get up close and personal:

It would be best to come tacked up where possible, and for the rider ready at home in order to have a more efficient change over of rides. Remember Wales is still not allowed gatherings of more than 6 people.

Branch Quiz

Also, don’t forget about the branch quiz. There are four age groups – 6 years and under, 10 years and under, 12 years and under and 13 years and over:

Links to other online activities can be found in the Weekly Updates from previous weeks, all available on the website: just click “Weekly Update” under the Pony Club logo.