“Vaguely Equestrian.” 

Size – 12 x 16 inches (30 x 40 cm)

In your design somewhere you must use:

  1. horse hair (mane or tail),
  2. some sheep wool,
  3. some part of a tree,
  4. something in the 3 Pony Club colours e.g. a skirt, flag, tablecloth, tent, dog!

This is not a painting and does not have to be Pony Club orientated e.g. it could be a beach scene with a PC coloured deckchair.

  • Class 1 – 10 and under.
  • Class 2 – 11 and over.

Please send two photographs, one from the front and the other at 45 degrees to to Please do not give your name (use a nom de plume) but give your Branch. Closing date 24th May at 6pm. Prizes will be a choice of an Individual lesson (dressage, SJ, XC or shooting). Be prepared for your entry to be on the website.

More Lockdown Ideas

A few more ideas and Competitions from Pony Club, to keep you busy. Please check the Pony Club UK website for more Information.

Can you all please check your Badges, you may be eligible for the Blue Cross Badge. If you need one or two badges to complete the list, this may be the time to study them. The Blue Cross Badge is awarded to Members who have attained 10 welfare-related badges: Bandaging & Rugs, Care of the Horse’s Foot, Feeding, First Aid (Equine), Handling & Grooming, Lorinery, Mucking Out, Perfect Paddock, Saddlery and Shoeing.