Dear Member

Following the AGM, I have been discussing about how we can deal with feedback from members, and parents in an efficient and proactive way.   Having looked at what other organisations do, we have agreed to look at dealing with feedback in a more collaborative system.  We would ask that any feedback is carried out via the Flint and Denbigh Feedback form found on the website.  Please do ensure that before you do feedback you take the time to read the Code of Conduct for Pony Club.  We would like to encourage good feedback as well as not so good! There will be a reminder on the form to do this as well.  Once you complete the feedback form this will go to a feedback email which is now going to be dealt with by Mary Tetley.  Mary is involved in a similar process in another National Governing Body.   

The Feedback  link on the website is On the Desktop site, the link is on the lower main menu next to Code of Coduct and on the Mobile site it is the 5th item down off the hamburger menu!

We hope that this new system will make feedback into our Club much easier for all to deal with.

We welcome all feedback and look forward to working in this new system. Feedback will be used to improve systems and processes within Flint and Denbigh Pony Club to ensure that our Club continues to thrive and provide fun and learning experiences for all of our members 

Many thanks and kind Regards

Bethan Jones … Flint and Denbigh Hunt Branch DC