Membership Renewal

Pony Club membership renewal is due on 1st February 2017. Please ensure you use a renewal form (which will be available on the website shortly) NOT a Pony Club Application Form.

Show Jumping Training

There are a couple of spaces available in the older group Winter League Show Jumping training with Katy Powell Jones at Equiti on Thursday evening. If you would like to book please email Bethan (

Mini Camp 2017

Confirmed Dates: 28th-30th July.

Price freeze from 2016: £95 per child for three days daily attendance; £115 per child for three days campers fee.


Please check your Badges as you may be eligible for a Gold award.

  • On gaining 14 Mini Badges a Mini Gold Badge and Certificate can be awarded.
  • On gaining 21 Main Achievement Badges a Gold Badge & Certificate can be awarded.

Please let Iona know if you think you qualify (

Winter League Show Jumping – Burton Cheshire Forest

Teams for Sunday 11th at Southview are as follows.

Class 1

  1. Elia Davies
  2. Lucia MacPherson 
  3. Leah Lamb
  4. Archie Lynch

Class 2

  1. Faye Jones
  2. Scarlett Owen
  3. Twm Cernyw

Dengie – 80cm 

  • Elia Davies
  • Scarlett Owen

Class 3

  1. Leah Jones
  2. Millie Dalton
  3. Orlagh Toner