“Meg’s Tetters” had a really lovely time in Cheshire at a Tetrathlon competition combined with an “Eventers Challenge” put on by CHS.

Seven F and D members competed but sadly we could not put a team together.  All came home with something which is so encouraging for them but some of the achievements were just amazing.

  • Leah Lamb won the Bean Bag class and knocked 22 seconds off her best run.
  • Imogen Kissane won her class with a best shoot (we think she has the hang of it now! ) and a best run.
  • Orlagh toner was 3rd with an amazing shoot of 900
  • Scarlett’s running is improving with each competition but her shoot let her down this time.  You see  –  we were shooting at a farm and there was this chicken that had laid an egg and would not shut up about it  –   right in the middle of Scarletts shooting!
  • Ben won the Junior Boys with a shoot of 900 and a PB of 8 lengths swim and a PB run.  His total score was a whopping 4500+.
  • Phillipa Edwards enjoyed her day – her 2nd comp.

We all had a lovely time at the BBQ afterwards.  Well done all.

Next comp is a Triathlon Mold Oct 19th.

Thanks …. Meg

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