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Pony Club Camp

The online forms to register and pay for Mini and Main Camp are now available on the website, including information about enrolment night, equipment needed, veterinary details, and information for parents.

We’re really interested to hear your views on the evening entertainment at previous Main Camps to help us plan this year’s entertainment. Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey.

Please Check your Tack is Safe

  • You should be able to put a finger either side of your foot when in the stirrup
  • Check the stitching on stirrup leathers, reins, etc. is in tact
  • Hats used for Pony Club activities must be tagged. Please contact Bethan or Iona to arrange this.

Young Instructors Training

Please contact Katy ( if you are interested in this training. Members need to be 16 years or over with C+ test.

Road Rider Test

Please contact Chrissie ( to express your interest in this test, so we can ensure enough dates are arranged.

Pony Club Test Information

The Tests are:

  • D (recommended age 8 years)
  • D+ (recommended age 10 years)
  • C (recommended age 11 years)
  • C+ (recommended age 14 years)
  • B (minimum age 15 years)

The Road Rider Mini Achievement Badge is a prerequisite before taking the D and D+ Test.

Before being awarded the C and C+ Test certificate, candidates must have trained for and passed:

  • The Pony Club’s Road Rider Achievement Badge, or
  • The Pony Club Road Rider Test (for members 12 years & over), or
  • the BHS Riding and Road Safety Test

If you want to take any tests this year please ensure you have the correct Road Rider Badge or Test as it is disappointing not to be able to take a Test because you do not have the relevant Road Rider.

Mounted Games Competition, Wem – Results

One senior team and one junior team travelled to Wem at the weekend to compete in our second weekend friendly of the year. They each had 3 sessions of heats and where then put into A and B finals for the last session.

The senior team of Eden Greaves, Sophie Greaves, Charlotte Williams, Alex Major and Alys Williams had a mixed weekend. Their Bin Shooters was pretty consistent over the whole weekend, but they were a bit hit-and-miss otherwise, including one elimination due to a fallen rider and the pony doing her own thing! They finished in 9th place after the heats, putting them 2nd going into the B final.

And then they got to work! Three 1st places in the first 3 races, followed by a bit of a wobble in Tyre and Two Mug, which they’re usually great at. Then back on good form with 2 more 1st places. They had a 3-point lead going into the last race, which it turned out they needed, as they finished last due to a couple of costly errors. Thankfully the pressure got to their closest rivals, so the 3-point lead was enough for the WIN!

They fully deserved to win the B Final, which was noted by other team trainers; and Official Steward Richard Marsden had some words of advice for them, so hopefully this is just the beginning of their success.

The junior team of Twm Cernyw, Jacob Edghill, Katie Davies, Gwenan Roberts and Louise Owen were concentrating on accuracy rather than speed this weekend. They had 3 great heats, which weren’t fast but had very few mistakes in, and they were in the B Final. Unfortunately luck was not on their side for the final, and the new plan was just to make sure they all left smiling! They finished in 5th place, and it was a shame to end on that session, but they had 3 good sessions to be happy about, and a great game of leapfrog on Saturday night!

Rhys Cernyw also joined the Sir WWW B team, which was made up of 5 riders from 4 pony clubs! They finished 6th in the B Final.

Pony for sale

Bluebell 13.1hh 11yrs Connemara x. grey mare. Contact Bethan Edwards on 07795 007 560