Tack Checking

Please check your Tack is safe for use. Check the stitching on your tack, especially the stirrup leathers. Make sure your girth is the correct size, not too large that it can not be made tight and safe. Check the size of your stirrup irons, are they the correct size for the boots, they should have 7mm clearance on either side. ( approx the width of your little finger).

Can I also remind you that Pony Club prefers plain coloured saddlecloths, preferably black, brown, navy or white and plain hat covers.

Llanasa District

Spaces available on next week’s Llanasa rally at Northop Monday 2nd Dec. Please contact  judeb69@gmail.com

Many thanks …. Jude

Winter League Show Jumping

photoAnother memorable day for the Flint & Denbigh members at Bryn Derw on Sunday, with everyone looking clean and tidy and the dry weather cheering everyone up.

Class 1 and our WL team of Ceri Jones and Charlie, Rhys Cernyw and Tululah, Sophie Williams and Norman and Beatrice Blockley and Tick Toc working well together and listening to advice given and were awarded 2nd place in the teams. Ceri Jones and Charlie were also 4th individual and Rhys Cernyw and Tululah placed 5th individual.

Class 2 and again the WL team of Sali Wyn-Wheway and Wilma, Ben Read and Rocky, Tegan Houston and Solitaire and Jac Cernyw and Gorgeous George flying the flag for us.  Again they listened as a team as there were some very fast riders out there and the team did not only have to have clears in the second round, but fast ones to be placed. The team had fantastic rounds and came home with the very well deserved 1st prize for the team event.  Ben Read also came home with individual 5th and Jac Cernyw gaining 1st place in a very speedy time.


Class 3 and our riders of Lilly Ann Pardoe and Harry, Ela Mars Jones and Holly, Suzi  Williams and Celestial  and Heidi O’Brien and Potato were on top form.  To finish  our day, another team 1st for the Flint & Denbigh with Suzi Williams gaining individual 2nd, Ela Mars Jones individual 4th and and Lilly Ann Pardoe individual 6th.

Thank you also to Ceri Hughes  for time taking in Class one, Tracey Pardoe and Emily O’Brien informing me on results in Class 3 and to Penny Read and Ceri Hughes on their correct scoring in class 2. Without Ceri and Penny,  (part of sentence deleted at the request of Dwyfor Committee). Three seconds was the difference between 1st and 3rd placings in Class 2 and Ceri and Penny were on the ball with the adding up!!

Maybe someone else would like to volunteer on the scores in the next round to give Ceri a break; please let me know.

Carry on the good work this Saturday teams, New & Old, we are very proud of you all.

Just a quick addition to the Winter League results for Class 3 from last week. On the 9th November, Lucy Roberts came 3rd individually on Jake .

Thanks … Chris , Kathi and Aloma

Mini Badges & Achievement Badges

Did you know?

  • On gaining 21 Achievement Badges, a Gold badge & certificate is awarded.
  • On gaining 14 Mini Achievement Badges, a Mini Gold Badge & certificate is awarded.

So please check the number of badges you have and let me know if you are entitled to a Gold award. garethion@hotmail.com

PC Membership Renewal Reminder

Your Pony Club membership will come to an end at the end of the year. Please do not leave until last minute to renew. I have attached a PC Renewal Form 2014.

If you are NOT renewing your membership with Pony Club, please let me know.

Thank you … Iona