Unable to attend booked events?

Can I ask you all again to Please let the organiser of an event know in plenty of time if you are unable to attend.

If you have “Booked In” and find you can not attend, please contact the organiser to let them know, do not wait for the details to come to you or just not turn up!
We quite often have a waiting list of members wanting to attend, if we are not informed in time others can not be given the chance of taking your place.
It is only politeness after all.
The Branch Committee put a lot of volunteer hours into running the Branch for the members. They do not get paid for their time, so please do not waste it.

Comgratulations …

…to the F&D Hunt Branch team that recently competed at The Warrington Horse Show. Hunt Relay Competition

The team members were:

  • Alice Davies Cooke
  • Sali Wyn Wheyway
  • Ffion Thomas
  • Libby Edwards.

The girls won the best turned out and came 3rd in the competition. They had an enjoyable day and are now looking forward to the next hunt relay competition.
Thank you to Jane Gough Roberts for coaching them.

Area 5 Horse Trials – Somerford Park Sun 7th July- Fence judges needed

The F&D Branch fence judge one fence all day.
Please could you let me know if anyone is able to help fence judge for a couple of hours on the day.

We need your help please. Your children may be competing at some point or maybe already have in the past. People will have given up their time so that the competition could go ahead, now it is your turn to return the favour. An hour or two of your time is only a small fraction of the time the organisers have given to run this competition. Iona

Cefn District

We have a few spaces left on Tess Chew flat work rally on Saturday 6th July. Names to Amanda Brammer at amanda.brammer@sky.com

Monday 1st July Working Rally at Ty Mawr, I have a few spaces left, if you would like to join us please email me Jane at grindalfarmer@btinternet.com. Cost is £5.
The rallies have been going well and I would like to thank parents for helping with either putting equipment out or away, but would like to ask you all to pick up the poo.
And remember HAIRNETS

Horses and Ponies for Sale or Loan

If any members have Horses or Ponies for Sale or Loan and would like to advertise them, there will be a board at the Camp Enrolment evening for you to display your advert.
Please do not email the adverts to me, I will take them along if you post them to me but otherwise bring them with you on the night.

Riding Wear and Tack

I will have the Pony Club sweatshirts, jackets, ties , badges, PC Manuals, jodi’s etc for sale on the evening.
Tracey will also have her riding wear stall with items for sale. If you are wanting to buy any particular items of Tack or Clothing please let us know so that we can bring them along.
Wendy Rees also has a selection of Riding Wear and Tack available to buy at Squirrels Lodge in Cefn. Plenty of second hand jodi’s for camp and riding boots and jackets.

Sunday 30th June – Eisteddfod Fun Ride, Plas Heaton, Henllan

Use access just off the B5428 Trefnant to Henllan Road – NO access from Denbigh to Henllan Road

If you require further information please contact – 07717 031243

Pony Racing

There is a Pony Club race day at Haddock Park .Please look at the attached document if you would like to attend.
Any queries please contact Louise Shepherd david.shepherd10@btopenworld.com



  • Mini camp 5.45pm – 7pm
  • Main camp 7.30pm -9pm
  • NO need for children to attend.
  • Please be aware that duty rotas will be completed on this evening.
  • Please could parents read through the notes attached before deciding which duties to volunteer for.
  • If you are not able to help an extra charge of £75 will be made.
  • If we do not get enough volunteers for nightwatch, the members will have to come daily.
  • CRB forms can be completed on the enrolment evening. Please bring the necessary documents with you. Passport or birth certificate, identification documents for proof of address eg bank statement, household bills. Driving license.
  • Flu vac certificates need to be checked if you have not sent a copy with application forms.
  • If you have not paid online Cheques to be made payable to – Flint & Denbigh Hunt Pony Club.
  • Hats … bring them with you if they have not been tagged

Flint & Denbigh Hunt Branch Pony Club Camps

Parents Duties

Without your help camp would not be taking place. Here are a few points to consider when on duty.

  • Members are at camp to learn how to look after their pony. Please encourage the children to do as much as possible in caring for their own pony while at camp.
  • Do tell the children what they need to be doing, encourage good behaviour and ensure that they are not putting themselves or others in danger.
  • You will need to remind children of their duties.

Pony Lines Morning- 8am – 10.30am

  • Arrive on time.
  • Collect all children together to catch ponies. Make sure everyone has their head collar and lead rope with them when going to the field.
  • At least 2 adults to supervise per group to fetch ponies in from field. Do not leave a pony alone in the field. No child is allowed to go into the field alone.
  • Ensure that the pens are mucked out.
  • Ensure that the pony has hay net & water at all time when in the stalls. Haynet must be high enough so that pony’s feet are not caught in it.
  • Supervise grooming, ensuring that kit is removed from stall after use.
  • Between 9.15 am – 9.45am children to tidy their sleeping area.
  • Supervise tacking up and ensure that members are ready to ride by 10am.

Lunch time 11.45 am – 2pm

  • Supervise un-tacking and ensure that tack is put away in tack tent.
  • Ensure pony has been given hay & water
  • Ensure that the stalls & area around are free of muck.
  • Ponies to be allowed quiet time over lunch.
  • Supervise tacking up for afternoon ride.

Evening time – 3.45 pm -5.30pm

  • Supervise un- tacking.
  • 4.30pm – Daily & stabled ponies to leave.
  • Penned ponies to pens. Ensure that they have hay & water.
  • Make 2 groups- mares & geldings.
  • 4.45pm -2 adults to supervise turning out into field.
  • Supervise tack cleaning & general tidying up of stalls & tack tent.

KITCHEN Managers

  • Michelle Dalton and Sharon Davies
  • Thank you to Michelle and Sharon for taking on this role. Please could volunteers ensure that they turn up on time and help. Michelle and Sharon need time out of the kitchen to.

ENCOURAGE GOOD BEHAVIOUR & MANNERS FROM CHILDREN at all times. Members must be dressed for breakfast, not to come in nightwear.

Breakfast – 7am – 10am

  • Help prepare, serve & clear away.
  • Encourage the children to clear plates and stack tidily ready for washing up.
  • Prepare juice & biscuits for each ride.
  • Clean shower area & toilets.

Lunch – 11am – 2pm

  • Help prepare, serve and clear away lunch.
  • Serve lunch at 12.30pm
  • Tidy up after lunch.
  • Prepare juice & biscuits for tea.

Tea – 4.15 – 5pm

  • Serve juice & biscuit

Evening Meal – 5.30pm – 7.30pm

  • Help prepare & serve evening meal
  • Serve meal at 6.30pm
  • Clear away & tidy up kitchen.

Early evening supervision – 5.30pm – 9.30pm

  • Help out with the evening entertainment
  • Supervise ’poo’ picking on Sir Watkin’s drive.
  • Ensure children do not wander too near local residences.
  • Check that penned ponies have hay & water.
  • 9pm – serve hot drink & buns.
  • Tidy kitchen area.
  • Handover to night watch.

Swimming Supervision – 5.45pm -6.15pm

  • Only allow 12 children in pool at a time.
  • No running or diving allowed.
  • Re- cover the pool after use.

Car Drivers

  • am 9.00am take children to stables
  • pm 5.30pm fetch children back from stables.
  • Encourage children to wear their fluorescent tabards when hacking to & from stables.


  • Arrive by 9pm.
  • Take over from early evening supervisors.
  • There should be 8 people on duty each evening, 2 people to be awake at all times. Decide between yourselves which shift you will be doing. Caravans available for the ones sleeping. Bring your own sleeping bag.
  • Call out register of campers.
  • Night-watchmen- please do not enter girls’ marquees on your own.
  • Make a note of any members that leave camp for any reason. Ensuring that they have signed out.
  • Encourage the children to settle down by 11pm. Lights out at 11.30pm.
  • Any bad behaviour from any child – ring parent to fetch their child home.
  • Mobile phone on the widow sill in kitchen along with contact numbers of each child’s parent or guardian.
  • Emergency telephone numbers & confidential forms for members in file on the window sill in kitchen.
  • Bethan Jones mobile no. 07887722583
  • Medical emergency ring 999 for ambulance. DO NOT TAKE ANY CHILD ON THEIR OWN IN YOUR VEHICLE. Ring parent if needed.
  • Please help with breakfast and you are more than welcomed to have breakfast at camp.
  • If for any reason you are unable to carry out your duty please arrange that someone else is covering for you.