Please could this go out on weekly update. Request for parents to bring tools & equipment for completing the jobs they have volunteered to do on Thursday evening.

Thanks … Bethan

CAMP JOBS 2012 Thursday 26th July 6.30pm

  1. STALLS – strim nettles & thistles
    Repair rails & posts
    Place tying up rings & strings for tying.
    Staple ropes to posts at back of stall
  2. TACK TENT – Saddle Rack construction
    Bridle holder construction
  3. WATER TANK- Fix water pipe
  4. GRID – Strim grid area & check poles
  5. HAY SHED & MUCK HEAP- Strim access
  6. GATE – repair gate – remove wire & wooden plank.
  7. RIDE SITES X 6 – Dressage markers
    Jumps & poles
  8. Dressage arenas X 2 – on camp field
  9. ‘BRYN’ – strim pathway & check , repair the jumps
  10. SHOW JUMPS- unload
  11. TURN OUT FIELDS – check water, gate, fencing, etc.
  12. XC Fences – put in place & secure to ground
  13. KITCHEN – clean & set up ready for camp

PARENTS – Please bring suitable tools & equipment for completing the above jobs.

CAMP INFORMATION ATTACHED (camp info 2012) for all members attending camp. PLEASE READ


All those interested in doing their hunting certificate for the coming season please email or Lucy Reed or Louise Shepherd.

We shall be starting the certificate on the Wednesday lunchtime at main camp. If you are interested you must be 14 years old by 1st September. Please do not get your parents to ring/email us, we want to hear from you!!

Taking part in the hunting certificate enables you to come out hunting without a mounted guardian, but it is a large commitment. You have to do a minimum of 3 days autumn hunting and as many days as possible during the open season.

Louise and I look forward to hearing from you.


Lucy – 07850 593168/01745 582421
Louise – 07780 971681


  • I have spaces this Thursday 26th July for Tess Chew flat work rally at 9am and 11am.
  • Also 2nd August Flat Work Rally with Tess Chew I have spaces from 9 until 12pm.
  • Cost is £5 per child

Contact Jane on 07890107492 or

CEFN – Monday 6th August – Points of the Pony Mini Badge at Bodysgaw Isa, Llannefydd, Denbigh LL16 5DS

10.30 am – 12 noon. Cost £4. Names to Marian Owen, tel 07716 799964 or e-mail:

F&D Pony Club Show 12th August

Schedule attached (F&DPC FUN SHOW schedule 12th AUG 2012)