Owen Reece Jones gave the Flint and Denbigh a great start to the day by being a member of the winning mixed team in Class 1. Owen and Sonic also took individual 3rd place.

Our little 10 and under’s put on an outstanding performance in Class 2. The Flint and Denbigh team members were Tegan Houston, Heidi Palin, Bea Blockley and Steph Parsley and they took 1st place. Taking top spot individually was Tegan Houston on Sparky, 2nd and 3rd was Bea Blockley on Sunny and Hugo, 4th Heidi Palin on Tallulah and 6th Steph Parsley on Chez.

Class 3 was the turn of the under 12’s. The Flint and Denbigh took 3rd place with a great team performance. Team members were Emily Cumming on Riversdale Sioux, Izzy Hoskings on Rosie, Libby Edwards on Milton and Ben Read on Rocky. Libby’s excellent performance gave her individual 6th place.

The Flint and Denbigh also had a very good start to the day in Ring 2 . Class 4 was the pairs and  great win for Eleri Reece Jones on Gucci and Emily Cumming on Wian Syr Watcyn. With a well deserved 4th for Heidi Palin on Tallulah and Emily Cumming on Riversdale Sioux.

Class 5 had a tricky course that had competitors up and down the banks. The Flint and Denbigh great team performance gave them 4th place and team members were Ffion Roberts, Eleri Reece Jones, Emma Taff and Emily Cumming. Excellent individual performances gave Georgia Cabb 2nd Place and Ffion Roberts 3rd place.

Well done to all the Flint and Denbigh members. There was lot’s of sweets and chocolate won but as usual it disappeared very quickly, sound familiar!!

Thanks … Kathy Cumming

Just as the Class 6  pairs was about to start down came the wet stuff !!  Flint and Denbigh branch had 3 pairs entered into a class of about 15 pairs and taking the rain into consideration their strategy of careful turns, super riding and great change overs gained them 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  Hollie Blockley and Billie and Ffion Roberts and Polo 1st,  Georgia and Alex Cabb on Woodey and Prince, 2nd and Sophie Toogood and Dylan and Brier Leahy and Stanley 3rd.

The open class was not very well attended with only 3 teams but Elfed still made it a challenge with a jump off course of 1.10M including jumping both up and down the Bryn y Grog bank !  Once again Flint and Denbigh came though in first place and individually placed were Sophie and Dylan in 1st place,  Georgia and Prince 2nd, Hollie and Billie 4th, Emma and Rambler 5th and Brier and Stanley 6th.  Huge thank you to Jane Rudge and her crew of Sir WWW who made it a very relaxed and enjoyable day for all with the bonus of lots of chocolate.

If anyone has photos of the day please send them to myself or Fred.

Many thanks … Chris