Download the times here … 2012 CS Entry Sheet with times All Classes

Dear Competitor

The sun continues to shine on Somerford and the rain, what little we have, merely serves to freshen things up. We fully expect to be operative.

The competition  is VERY full and we are being inundated with requests for late entries – I understand other events have, unfortunately , had to be cancelled.

We are up to our capacity and cannot at present accept further entries.

I attach  a copy of the Class running order showing all entries, teams and times and would first explain this is a Microsoft Excel document divided into sheets. Each sheet contains a single Class and Section. The Class/Section you are interested in can be accessed by clicking on the tab in the bottom left hand corner of the document. The sheet also provides for scores to be entered.

Names in red  merely signifies a competitor with entries in more than one class. In those cases the times may have been amended to avoid clashes but otherwise run in competitor order. This is much simplified  Since we do not allow a competitor more than one entry per class.

For competitors in Pony Club sections, an “s” may follow the riders name. This signifies that the rider has claimed spurs permission on their entry form. These competitors should be prepared to confirm that permission by production of their membership card. An “A” after a riders name signifies an Associate Member of the Pony Club.

Please note that times are NOT unique. You will have been allotted a time slot for both Show Jumping and Cross Country.

If you notice  any apparent spelling errors in your entry, especially with horses names, please arrange handwriting classes for you or your children/parents! One entry even had a clear spelling error in the writers surname! Many thanks to those who took the trouble to ensure that their entry was entirely legible.

Any other errors – please contact me on or after Monday the 2nd July.

Best Wishes and Good Luck to all – and don’t forget the suntan lotion!

Regards … Geoff

Download the times here …  2012 CS Entry Sheet with times All Classes