… at Northop 12th February 2012


As usual a great performance from all the Flint and Denbigh competitors. Well done to our under 10’s in Class 1 the” Milky Way’s” who took 5th place were Emily McParland, Isobel Hoskings, Steph Parsley and the fourth member Harri Williams (Aberconwy). Our W/L team “Smarties” who took 6th place were Sophie Wilson, Anna Thomas, Beatrice Blockley and Ffion Roberts.  Also taking 9th place were the “Magic Stars”; Ellie Wilson, Tegan Houston and Heidi Palin.

In class 2 the W/L team “Tutti Fruities” took a well deserved 2nd place Alice Davies Cooke,Georgia Jones,Georgia Williams and Lucy Roberts and just behind them were the “Chocolate Limes” who took 4th place Ffion Roberts, Rebecca Sedcole, Emily Cumming and Georgia Cabb. Georgia Jones took individual 4th place and little Lucy Roberts took 1st place with a very fast second round.

I believe there is a little piggy fence going to be blown down or a replica made at least!! …. Kathy

Historically our Winter League teams have never had a good day at our joint own with waen y llyn competition but this year we didn’t do too badly, at all so well done Flint and Denbigh!!!

Gill had built a great course with a few questions which tested the competitors but we still came home with a third in Class 3 with our Winter League team and a 5th with the non League team.  In the Winter League team were Nan Jones, Lily Ann Pardoe, Shannon Williams and Wednesday Rytter. Nan had a very fast second round which won the Class overall. Our non League team members were Georgia Cabb, Rebecca sedcole, Megan Goodey, Ffion Roberts, Ant Woodbine and Eleri Jones.

The open team consisting of Sophie Toogood, Manon Owen, Hollie Blockley and Mari Edwards won the Class easily with Sophie winning individually, Manon 2nd, Suzi Williams 4th, Hollie 5th and Heidi o’Brien 6th!! Also competing for the Flint and Denbigh were Lauren Roberts, Michaela Regan, Phoebe Woodbine and Rhiannon Johnson.

All these results put us in a great place for the final, so fingers crossed that we have an equally good day on March 10th, which may now be held at Somerford Park on 2 arenas. Schedule not yet out.

Very well done all of you …. Chris


Thank you to everyone who helped at the Waen y Llyn SJ at Northop on Saturday. Your help is very much appreciated.

Class 1- Teams

  1. Cheshire Hunt South non-league team
  2. Cheshire Hunt South league team
  3. East Cheshire league team
  4. Waen y Llyn league team
  5. Flint and Denbigh / Aberconwy non league mixed team
  6. Flint and Denbigh Winter league team
  7. Cheshire Hunt South Non league team
  8. WWW league team
  9. Flint and Denbigh non league team


  1. Amelia Ashworth (Cheshire Hunt South)
  2. Harry mcKay (Cheshire Hunt South)
  3. Eliza Rosselli (WWW)
  4. Max Smith (Cheshire Hunt South)
    Ruari McBennett (Cheshire Hunt South)
  5. Kate Samuel (Cheshire Hunt South)

Class 2 Teams

  1. Burton Cheshire Forest– league team
  2. Flint and Denbigh league team
  3. Berwyn and Dee – league team
  4. Flint and Denbigh non- league team
  5. Cheshire Hunt North league team
  6. Burton Cheshire forest – non -league
  7. Waen Y Llyn / WWW -mixed team
  8. Eliminated – Cheshire Hunt South league team , East Cheshire league team


  1. Lucy Roberts (Flint and Denbigh)
  2. Sophie Barlow (Cheshire Hunt South)
  3. CharlotteDavies (Berwyn and Dee)
  4. Georgia Jones (Flint and Denbigh)
  5. William Walton (Cheshire Hunt North)
  6. Abby Leadbetter

Class 3 – Teams

  1. Waen Y Llyn league team
  2. Cheshire Hunt South league team
  3. Flint and Denbigh league team
  4. Cheshire Hunt South non -league team
  5. Flint and Denbigh non-league
  6. Waen y Llyn non- league
  7. Berwyn and Dee league team
  8. Cheshire Hunt North league team
  9. Dwyfor league team

Individuals –

  1. Nan Jones (Flint and Denbigh)
  2. James Owen (Waen y Llyn)
  3. Fleur Garside (Cheshire Hunt South)
  4. Tom Exley (Cheshire Hunt South)
  5. Lisa Walton (WYL)
  6. Jessica Vicars (Dwyfor)

Class 4-teams

  1. Flint and Denbigh league team
  2. Flint and Denbigh non-league
  3. Waen y llyn league team
  4. Flint and Denbigh non league
  5. Eliminated – Gwynedd league team

Individuals –

  1. Sophie Toogood (Flint and Denbigh)
  2. Manon Owen (Flint and Denbigh)
  3. Kirsty Williams (Gwynedd)
  4. Suzi Williams (Flint and Denbigh)
  5. Hollie Blockley (Flint and Denbigh)
  6. Heidi O Brien (Flint and Denbigh)