As DC I must make sure that  Branch instructors keep up to date by organising groups to attend National, Regional and local training courses promoted by The Pony Club. Information regarding these courses is published in the regular Bulletins from The Pony Club Office and on the web-site. Other courses are listed in The Year Book. There are two Annual Instructor Conferences held annually for instructors as well as other Regional Training Days. Encourage Branch instructors to be trained in First Aid.

All Branch instructors must be accredited i.e. their names must appear on the Branch accreditation list. Accreditation involves attending a Pony Club Instructors Training Day which includes mounted instruction, every two years. These courses are either run centrally or organised locally by the Area Rep. If an instructor is included on the current BHS register of Instructors, they are deemed Pony Club accredited. register

When an instructor attends a training course they should have their instructor log book signed by the organiser. It is usual for an organiser to confirm instructor attendance by email or letter.

Do not continue to use instructors who are not accredited. The Pony Club Insurance Policy requires that they should all be accredited regularly. Some instructors are happy to earn money from The Pony Club but are never available for training. If they refuse, stop using them.

DATES FOR 2011 Instructors Conferences

  • Annual Conference – Wednesday 9th March, Cheltenham Racecourse
  • Instructor Conference reminder of dates:
    • Merrist Wood, 2nd March
    • Bishop Burton, 16th March
    • Aberystwyth, 30th March

Please encourage your Show Jumping Trainers to attend.